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“I work for the largest police department in the United States. I recently purchased the police beanie for our plain clothes surveillance team. In my opinion It’s a great product to prevent blue-on-blue situations in a highly complex working environment. It’s made of quality material, reflective and comfortable to boot. I highly recommend this product.“

“I have been using the VisiBlue beanie for about 4 months now working midnights. I have found myself wearing the beanie in multiple situations like foot pursuits through the woods, directing traffic at busy intersections, or walking through dark buildings and have been clearly seen by other officers/people. While wearing it I feel very comfortable and confident that it is another precaution that will make me more visible and prevent blue on blue shootings. It is highly reflective and can be seen from long distances. Even off duty I flip it inside out and either wear it when it’s cold or just stuff it in my pocket and I am always ready if an incident occurs. Every officer should purchase one! I highly recommend 10/10“

“By far one of the best LEO-made product for other LEO’s. It is perfect for EDC and is so thin when folded you won’t even know it’s there! I recommend VisiBlue Beanies to all my brothers and sisters in blue that want something more to ID themselves as the popo #abadgeisnotenough”

“Their company vision and mission are highly commendable. Their product is filling a gap that definitely needed to be filled, is well made, and does its job very well. I can't recommend these guys and their product highly enough to do them justice. I'm proud to have bought from them, and would absolutely do so again.“

“Visiblue’s Hi-Vis and subdued beanie are awesome additions to my duty equipment. Easily identifiable and much less cumbersome than a traffic vest.”

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